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Flagship Winning Strategy: VALUE=GARP
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The most critical contribution to the V-GARP strategy is the firm's proprietary screening database: “The 10 Pillars of Strength” a Fundamentals model with 1,600+ companies.

Contains proprietary composite “Drivers of Value” metrics with high R-square vs. long term market valuations, unpublished and undiscovered by Academia or the Investment Industry.  

What is happening currently?
Currently the stock-market is more volatile as the participants are expecting the Federal Reserve Board to increase interest rates.  Additionally, global markets have been volatile, with some aftershocks in the US market. 

What we can do for you, now.
Every significant dip in the market gives us an opportunity to buy high quality or "GLAD" company (see image on the right) shares at a significant discount.

What are High Quality or "GLAD" companies? Why are they important for investing?
High Quality companies are those that tend to be market leaders in their product or service category, and they are also committed to long term shareholder wealth.  They build shareholder wealth by increasing the value per share each year by growing revenue and producing results that effectively improve the earnings applicable to each share.  They may also make "proactive financial-engineering" decisions such as buy back shares at lower prices, or offer dividends to share holders when growth opportunities subside.

What does the dip-buying do for your portfolio?
​Dip-buying means injecting cash each time the market or your stock portfolio dips in the short term.  Dip buying essentially allows us to buy high quality shares at a lower price, and we can buy more shares.  This helps boost long term returns, more than a traditional buy-and-hold approach.

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