Princeton Ivy Capital Advisors, LLC
Established Investments since 1994. 
Flagship Winning Strategy: VALUE=GARP
Contact: 200 Rector Place 9U,  New York, NY 10280
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About the Firm
Established in Princeton, and inspired by the ivy that survives relentlessly through harsh winter months, Princeton Ivy Capital Advisors LLC is an independent, minority employee-owned investment management firm, which traces its roots to the proven investment strategy established since 1994. This time-tested investment discipline is offered to clients through separately managed accounts and funds. Since the founding of the Long Term Investing strategy over twenty years ago, the mission has been to serve Clients with high integrity.
Today, Princeton Ivy Capital Advisors is widely recognized as a premier investment management firm serving individual and institutional investors worldwide. We seek to build wealth for investors through a patient, long-term investment approach. We believe stocks represent ownership interests in businesses and therefore rigorously research company fundamentals. We are highly sensitive to valuation, as price is an important component in generating attractive long-term investment results.

Princeton Ivy Capital Advisors has a history of delivering strong, consistent investment results throughout full market cycles. We offer our flagship strategy the "Princeton Ivy Wealth Building Model" to Clients, which includes the discipline of long term investing, as well as a "Goal Seeking" approach to planning whereby Clients are able to determine how much to save in order to meet their retirement goals. The Princeton Ivy wealth building model ensures long term stability by purchasing durable, well-managed businesses at value prices and holding them for the long term.

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